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Mother Tongue Peer and Birth Supporter Project


Mother Tongue (MT) is a project which aims to offer culturally appropriate and language-specific doula and peer support to those who do not speak English and are pregnant, birthing or newly mothering.


Doulas Without Borders has created this project in direct response to interrelated crises within maternity care. Some women with refugee status (for example) are going through their entire maternity care experience without language support. This lack of shared language contributes to the disparity in survival rates between women during the childbearing year. 


Through this project, our objectives are to:


·    Work towards the improvement of maternal and neonatal wellbeing by offering continuous, language-specific and culturally appropriate support 

·    Help populate our organisation (DWB) with linguistically and culturally knowledgeable MT Doulas, by inviting our graduates to offer some voluntary service after training

·    Provide the opportunity for further employment for MT Doulas via our certificated training 

·    Support towards social inclusion, empowerment and enriched community for (and between) service-users and MT Doulas.


Mother Tongue will offer funded peer support training and birth support training to 2 small groups of people, with a follow-up of mentorship, extending from the end of the training. 


The training will be facilitated by:

·    Kate Woods (Mother Tongue project founder and director, accredited Doula Educator and course writer, DWB founder)


·    Grace Collins (Arabic speaking DWB Doula and Maternity Support Worker)

·    Amina Hatia (specialist Midwife and DWB Community Elder)

·    Şebnem Susam-Saraeva (Doula and Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies, University of Edinburgh) ​

·    Hazel Williams (DWB co-director and specialist in the refugee and humanitarian sector).



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